Swot Analysis Of E Commerce Website

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Electronic Commerce is basically the process of buying, selling, transferring, or exchanging products, services, and information via computer networks, including the Internet. The structure of the website will open the door for the company to venture into Electronic Commerce that enables the site to perform Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) activities, thus allowing online transactions to take place.
The introduction of Electronic Commerce in the travel and tourism industry brings a lot of benefits and convenience to NYTS. It not only helps to boost the overall performance in terms of revenue and efficient customer services for NYTS but also improves their management operations. The most significant improvement of the online business plan is that it is less time consuming and uses lesser manpower compared to the physical shop front.

· FMtravel.com does not only engage itself in travel and tourism but also in hospitality businesses that gives them the strength to have a natural transformation. .
· Since they posses fulfillment, content and connectivity to their customers, they have the strength to attract a lot of customers in their business.
· The company is focused on diverse online customers through a large integrated network of travel offices, hence targeting a lot of customers.
· The website is based on what the company wants to offer the customers and not what the customers want, as in to meet customers' expectations.
· Since they have linked into three major reservation system with access to more than 100 airlines, its easy for other companies to copy their strategy which they used to achieve its success. Other competing companies may follow their strategy, thus over powering NYTS.
· The company's current website is too shallow, less attractive and blank in the sense that it does not give much information and one has to be a member first in order to access the website. As such, customers tend to quit that site immediately due to the hectic process of registering.
· The company has the opportunity of making a high profit because it is linked to three major central reservation systems with access to 100 airlines and 10000 hotels worldwide.
· The company is also optimistic of penetrating into new and existing markets on the global platform, thus quickly building up a critical mass of loyal customers.

· Since its website is too shallow and less attractive, their competitors will enhance their website to be more attractive and provide detailed information therefore resulting to NYTS to lose their customers.
· Most of the travel and tourism websites allow customers to access as much information as they want, unlike FMtravel.com where one has to register first in the site in order to surf through the website to get more information regarding the holiday packages being offered.

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