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It was a hot summer morning. Brianna left to go to the Unk Yard to buy twine to make a new climbing belt so they could begin to harvest the corn. The boys laid in the shade
"Should you be working?" asked a deep voice.
Oliver sat up. The shadow of Mr. Rat reached in to merge with the tree’s. "We’re waiting for Brianna to return before we start harvesting the early corn."
"You’ll never earn any money laying around," replied Mr. Rat as he continued down the road.
Timmy stood up, it was hard for him to stay still at the best of times. “Why are we sitting here?”
“Because we don’t have a climbing belt,” said Oliver.
“But there’s one hanging up in the shed,” said Timmy. “We could use it and pick ...view middle of the document...

“Now tie the ends together with a granny knot.”
“How do I tie a granny knot?” asked Timmy.
“You need to tie two knots. Hold an end in each hand. Now, take the end in you left hand and put it over the one in your right hand to create the first knot. Once that’s done, take the end that is now in your left hand and put it over the one in your right, then pull the ends tight. Have you got that?”
“I think so,” said Timmy. “I sometimes get my right and my left mixed up. What if I did the opposite for the second knot?”
“Then it would be called a reef knot and it would slip. Can you pass me the helmet?”
Timmy looked around. “I don’t think we brought a helmet. It’s a long ways back to the shed. Do you need one?”
“Brianna says we should wear one when we are climbing the corn stalks.”
“But she is not here,” said Timmy. “You can be up there and have the cob cut off by the time I get back with a helmet. Can you do it just this once without it?”
“I suppose.” Oliver tied the saw to his belt with a length of twine, which was as long as he was tall.
Oliver leaned back to check the belt. It seemed to be strong enough to hold his weight. He started to climb. From his place on the cornstalk, he looked below at a creature with the size of a bug.
"Come on, get going," said Timmy. "What’s the hold up?"
It was a real bug. Oliver had just gotten off the ground. He had seen his father do it a number of times, but this was his first time. The thought of climbing a corn stalk frighten him. “I don’t know, Timmy. Maybe we should wait until Brianna gets back.”
“You’re just scared,” said Timmy. “All you need is some practice and this early corn is a good place to start. It’s shorter than the late varieties.”
“It’s just that Brianna said she would be here to talk me through.”
“You don’t need her, you got me. Just start climbing. Lift up your left foot and dig your claws into the stalk." Mice preferred to be sure footed...

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