The Art Of Non Violent Protesting Essay

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Mahatma Gandhi once said “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” This quote represents the book very well because blacks in that time had no rights at all compared to the whites. The blacks would always have to do what the whites told them to do or they would get locked up or in trouble with the law. Blacks would use self-defense against white people and they black would get sent to jail because the judge would know to rule in the white guys favor. In this time period not only were the adults the ones who didn’t like integration and everyone is equal, but the parents would take their young children to KKK feasts and brainwash their kids into showing them the colored people are bad. America wasn’t the only country going through with this race issue. All countries were having issues and another big one was when India had to fight for their freedom from the British as the Blacks did from the whites. They both fought in very similar ways, they both mainly surrounded themselves around non-violence. In my opinion I think non-violence is the right way to go when you are fighting for a cause that you believe in. Non-violence is good because you aren’t putting harm on anyone so that may want more people to rise in what you are fighting for and give you support. Such as in Chapter two it talks about how white supremacy is what led to Henry Marrow’s shooting. White supremacy was the things that were keeping blacks from doing anything because all the whites stuck together and they knew they would have a lead because even when the whites killed someone they wouldn’t go to jail because the judge would know not to go against the whites. The blacks had no other choice but to do non-violence protesting because if they would have done violence they would be thrown in jail if they were caught. Gandhi wanted to fight for his right against Great Britain and get freedom for not only himself but for the entire country of India. Mahatma Gandhi was the Martin Luther King Jr. of India in other words they both had the same morals and both wanted to fight for the same purpose and that was for freedom. Mahatma Gandhi fought for freedom for the last 7 years of his life. All of Gandhi’s protests started when he was elected into the Indian National Congress in 1921. Gandhi persuaded other non-violence leaders such as Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. When you are protesting for a big cause and have many followers behind you sometimes something sparks and cause people to do violent things while protesting. Such as in the book Robert Teel was always looked at when a violent hate crime would occur. Such as in chapter three it talks about how Henry Marrow was killed, he was killed by Robert Teel by his store. They said they first beat him with a bat and then shot him and killed him. They say that Robert was the leader of this killing. They are calling this killing a hate crime because Robert Teel wanted to show all the blacks that...

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