The Blood Libel Essay

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The Blood Libel: Book Report

Characters: The protagonist is Sam Klein who is an immigrant from Russia living in Winnipeg who is a guard for a club in Point Douglas who is famous for being a problem solver, so when the Winnipeg Police Department has a Case about a little girl they can't solve they ask for his help and to find out what happened he has to revisit his life in Russia where he had seen something like this before and when a local rabbi is blamed for this murder or so called sacrifice Sam saves the rabbi and finds the real murderer who is a community leader and a merchant named Isaac Hirsch who was killed by one of his accomplices and The Other Murderer was Joseph Kowalski who could not be arrested due to a lack of evidence.

Plot: The Story is about the murder of a young girl named Anna Rudnick by a two members of a criminal group of Russian immigrants the two men were Isaac Hirsch and Joseph Kowalski. Anna had ran away from home and was hiding in a shed waiting for her mother when she had sneezed and the two men found her and when she screamed Joseph grabbed her by the throat and started choking her and killed her and Isaac ran away. Joseph made it look like an ancient Jewish sacrifice so a rabbi would get blamed he had done it once in Russia as well for his employer Perov who had raped then killed a fifteen year old girl and done the same thing and blamed it on a Jew and when Sam investigated that he had found out the Perov had influence on his boss General Delianov. When Sam had started protesting he had found out that his life was in danger and he had fled to Canada and now when the police couldn't get to the murderer they had blamed it on rabbi when Klein had came to the rescue and helped the police come to the conclusion and then The constable who had found the body was murdered and the RCMP had to Investigate his murder and Klein had Found Isaac who had led Klein to Kowalski who had actually committed the brutal murder and Klein had told them both that their boss Perov had considered them liabilities and was going to get them killed and then when Klein and Isaac were waiting for Kowalski he had stepped into the light with a single action Colt and Klein and Isaac had chased him into a building and Isaac had picked up a screw driver to kill Kowalski and after negotiation Kowalski had shot and killed Isaac and the police had came and Klein didn't blame Kowalski because he had received orders from his old boss General Zavarzin to not do so....

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