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The ingredients lacking for this master detective is fulfilled with the help of Dr. John H. Watson’s (Martin John Christopher Freeman) as a perfect foil for Holmes. Often he is called a perfect exemplar of a man compared to Sherlock’s clammy, intricate, and slightly Asperger (which I can almost relate to) personality. Let us not forget Holmes’s arch nemesis the antagonist, Prof. James Moriarty (Andrew Scott), the darkest and most networked psycho the world has ever experienced. Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) is a near-perfect illustration of one of my favorite characters, and as the protagonist uses sensory and inductive reasoning to solve crimes that are either unsolvable to everyone else and/or time sensitive.
The fact that this television series is based on the Doyle’s works is why the setting takes place in modern-day London, England. Furthermore, the world over in the modern day has private investigators, yet it is said that Great Britain has the largest amount of Private Investigators per area compared to other countries. As for Baker Street which is said to sit at the very heart of London's vibrant Northern Soul area, and the street that Sherlock Holmes lives on is right for “the most perfect reasoning and observing machine that the world has seen.”
The point of view of Sherlock the Reichenbach Fall is an omniscient view unlike most of Doyle’s work, which used limited omniscient view and had Dr. John H. Watson as the character telling the story. This all-knowing third-person perspective, which is the author telling the story, helps the audiences observe the magic of induction and observation made by Sherlock Holmes by seeing graphically on the screen how his “mind palace” may work.
The imagery in Sherlock the Reichenbach Fall is immense and sometimes overwhelming, but this helps Holmes’s by allowing the audience to understand his idiosyncrasies in his not so perfect personality. I would be recommended is to watch the episodes more than once to consume all the imagery...

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