The Comic Analysis: The Pride Of Baghdad, The Lady And The Tramp, And The Persepolis

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I am writing the analysis of three comics, which are, The Pride of Baghdad, The Lady and The Tramp, and The Persepolis. When I read The Pride of Baghdad and The Persepolis, I think that it is very fasctinating story. In my opinion, when I read The Pride of Bagdad, it reminds me about the Iraq War. In addition, it also tells me on how terrible the war can be.
Why comic becomes famous? Comic is sequential art or text. According to the Wikipedia, The Pride of Bahgdad is the graphic novel written by Brian Vaughan. This story considered as anthropmorphic story (using animals/ rocks/ flowers as symbol) books since Animal Farm. The four main characters in the story are Zill, Noor, Safa, and Ali. The Lady and The Tramp is the love story between Cocker Speniel Dog and Streetwise downtown Mutt that launched in 1995 (Tramp, 2013).
The Persopolis is the autobiographical graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi that describes her childhood up to her early adult in the Iran during and after Islamic Revolution. This comic is all in black and white. According to Wikipedia, the title of novel, Persepolis,is from the ancient capital of Persian Empire, Persepolis. I am analyzing the visual elements of Pride of Baghdad, race and cultural identify, racism, & stereotype play a significant in The Lady and The Tramp, and describe the Marjane archetype and personality.
The Pride of Baghdad
These are some of visual elements that shown in The Pride of Baghdad. These include pull-out, onomatopoeia, thought bubble, and splash page. The example of pull-out in The Pride of Baghdad is the scene where Noor tried to hunt the horses. In this scene, the poll-out makes readers see feeling and emotion of the character. For example, Noor looks serious and concentrate to hunt the pray. This will allow the readers to understand the personality and archetype of the character. Moreover, there are lots of panel in The Pride of Baghdad that shown onomatopoeia.
Onomatopoeia is the word that sounds like what it is. For example, in the scene where Noor and Ali were shoot by soldiers. The Krakkka is onomaopoeia. The onomatopoeia is used to creates sound effects. Furthermore, the tough bubble used to tell what character said what. For example, “What were those things, Safa?”, written in the tought bubble (Vaughan & Henrichon et al., 2006). If the arrow of the tough bubble points to which character, it means that character say something. The bigger bubble is, the larger the sound is.
In addition, the splash page is used for telling the information of story as whole. This device is used by author to allow the readers to understand on what is happening as a whole. For example, there is one scene in The Pride of Baghdad that shows all animals run out of the Baghdad Zoo. In this page, the readers can see there is bomb in the Baghdad. This allows the readers to understand right away that this is dystopian story. Furthermore, scene where Noor and Ali saw Three Tankscoming is another example of splash...

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