The Importance Of Teamwork In Achieving Success

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Most of the work performed in the workplace is done in a team environment. In a global economy, individuals must collaborate across cultural, organizational and geographical boundaries to accomplish their goals. Throughout the years a wide range of concepts and knowledge has been incorporated in the organizations to develop more the performance of the teams to achieve success. This summary provides an overview of some methods and approaches used today and elucidates some issues, methods and definitions of successful teamwork.

Gibb, et al. (2013) present different methodologies of how to build a successful teamwork. This book suggests a pedagogical model and develops a guide to enhance the organization’s performance. The authors point out different topics beginning with how teamwork is shaped; the context and the compositions of the team; the challenges and the problems the teams usually face. The authors also explain why conflicts between the members of a team occur and how they can resolve such differences. Furthermore, this book explains with real cases and recommends exercises in order to reduce conflicts and improve performance. However, the authors based their research in personal experiences that led to a lack of theories and scientific approaches, which would enrich the content of the book.
An empirical exam with 204 Taiwanese public-traded firms tested the hypotheses relative to synergies between the work-family and work-team design on organizational productivity (Liu and Wang 2011). Accordingly to Liu and Wang, work-family practices are those that help employees meet their family obligations and reduce employees’ conflicts between work and home. Work-team design includes an adequate incentive pay and rewarded system to motivate team performance. The empirical experience finds that work-family practices are not significantly associate with labor productivity. However, the results show positive links between work-family practices when the organization adopts the work-team design as well. The research clearly supports all the arguments that were putted forward, however the surveys do not cohesively present the elements that the authors explain across their discussion.

A talk with Wooden (2001), coach of basketball team and that also taught English in UCLA (University of...

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