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The Life of Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar is and was one of the most influential people in history. He created laws, stuck wars, and developed new strategies for leadership and battles. "Caesar is widely considered to be one of the greatest military geniuses of all time, as well as a brilliant politician and one of the ancient world's strongest leaders (Julius Caesar pg.1)." He transformed the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire and he extended his land all the way through Gaul to The Atlantic Ocean, as well as fighting a civil war and being proclaimed as dictator for life.
Julius Caesar was born in Rome to a patrician family. Supposedly he was born by a Caesarean Section were he got his namesake, although modern historian think this is highly unlikely. Caesar was not born to a rich family, although a noble, as many people would have thought. His father was named Gaius Julius Caesar and his mother Aurelia Cotta, he also had a elder sister named Julia. Though this did change over time as his aunt married Gauis Marius who later became the richest man in Rome.
Marius started a civil war as a radical reformist against Lucius Sulla. During this war both Marius and Julius's dad died of illness leaving Julius much money and property in their various wills. During this time Julius also married Cornelia daughter of Lucius Cornelius Cinna who was Marius's greatest supporter and also Sulla's enemy. As the war ended in 85 B.C. it left Caesar in an extremely bad position as the enemy of the new dictator. Because of this he fled with his family out of the grasp of Sulla. Sulla later pardoned Caesar and his family and allowed him to return to Rome. " In a prophetic moment, Sulla was said to comment on the dangers of letting Caesar live. According to Suetonius, the dictator in relenting on Caesar's proscription said, "He whose life you so much desire will one day be the overthrow of part of nobles, whose cause you have sustained with m; for in this one Caesar, you will find many a Marius."(Julius Caesar pg.3)."
Despite the pardon Caesar did not remain in Rome as he left for military service. He was dispatched to Bithynia on the southern coast of the Black Sea during the siege of Mytilene. It was his job to convince King Nicomedes IV Philopator to make his fleet available to Marcus Minucius Thermus in the Aegean Sea, Caesar reached this goal quite easily. After this accomplishment he continued to serve under Thermus were he also helped in the siege of Miletus. During the battle he saved the lives of many legionaries, and because of this he was awarded the corona civica (oak crown). This was the highest award given to a simple solider. When the crown was worn in public all were forced to stand and applause the beholder, even the ones present belonged to the Roman Senate. It was supposed to be worn on one day, and after that on festive occasions. The crown came with a badge that could be worn permanently to show courage.
While this was...

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