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The Chef
On January 21,2013 there was an horrible car accident that killed an elderly couple named Prince Holding and Dora Holding. A week after the terrible car accident their funeral was held on the westside of chicago at the fellowship baptist church. On this Heartbroken Monday morning their only son named John Holding was standing there with no sign of emotion on his face. But people didn't pay it any attention because it can be overwhelming when two parent die at the same time. A week after the funeral John met with his family lawyer. John has found out that his parents has left him a big lump sum of money. John Decided to drop out of school and open his own Barbecue Restaurant on the westside of chicago. Since John Had a lot of money the process of opening up a restaurant was faster than usually. A Month later John’s homemade Barbecue restaurant was finally open. John had hired two of his culinary art friend that went to University of Illinois at Chicago. The restaurant was becoming a success and john had more money coming in. During all this john Picked up a hobby. On Dark nights john will roam the streets looking for something to fulfill an urged that came over his body mostly everyday. John Stopped the car and watch a young female walk down the street. He slowly approach the young lady and offers her a ride. The young lady was so amazed by his car she didn’t think twice about the bad decision she just made. When she got in the car she introduced herself as Monica Brown and he introduced himself as Charles. The lady gave him the location of her destination. By John knowing the area he drove past her location. The lady asked him where are you going. He said i'm going to turn around ma'am at the next light. Then John reached back into the back seat and grabbed a socket wrench and hit Monica on top of her head. Monica head hit the passenger side window and monica was out cold. John took unconscious monica to his family home that’s located in country club hills not far from Chicago,IL. John parked inside of the garage then got out the car. He then takes monica out the car and takes her into his family home. He throws monica on the couch and then goes down to the basement to get some plastics, duck tape and a red towel. John goes back upstairs and laid the plastics on the livingroom floor. He then takes monica off the couch and lays her on the livingroom floor. John begin to duct tape her hands together then he put the red towel in her mouth then duct taped it. John began taking off monica clothes. He folded Monica clothes and put them in a black garbage. John started kissing the young women then he raped her. After getting over his sexually urge he got up and went into the kitchen. He went in the kitchen and grabbed a butchers knife. Then came back in the living room and began chopping. He butchered her like she was a cow or a piece of meat.He got a container with a lid on there and got enough blood to fill it up. John put her head, feet,...

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