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Population growth is something we all think about, but never really consider. In America we see that there is more land and county side, that the world is the same. Well do we ever consider Japan or China? They are trying to build land so they can expand; everywhere you go is a city or farm land, very little suburbs. With population growth we ration our "goods" differently. Everyone thinks they are entitled to as much as they want when they want it, but the world can't handle that. We need to be smart about rationing our supplies and stop worrying about demand. Population growth is a real thing, just in 13 years we have added over a billion people to this planet. Do we need to start to ration people or supplies? Population control does not need to happen, there are many ways we can avoid this, for example getting information and rationing supplies are just a couple of ways to start.
Information is the best place to start when determining if we need to have population control. China’s one child policy is a controversial topic. We have learned that this specific policy does not work. It has been the cause of 400 million babies being born. It also has not only created an imbalance in ratio of young to old people but in the ratio of women to men as well. Statics from Worldometers show us that people from the age of 25-64 hold 58.8% of china’s population, while people from the age of 15-25 only hold 13.6% of China’s population. This imbalance has led the work force to deplete due to not enough young people. Having the policy in affect is not only harm full to the babies but to the mothers as well. Abortions can cause serious health risks on mothers that may lead to death. Because of these factors China has considered a two-child policy. Through this the work force would be built back up and the imbalances between men and women would soon fade.
In a developed country with more people it is unlikely for people to have more than one to two kids. For example North America holds about 5.0% of the world’s population while Africa holds about 15.5%. Why is this? On average African families have six to seven kids. If on average across the world families have 1.6 kids the population would peek at 7.7 billion and then fall at a fast rate. We have to find a balance between too much and too little.
In order for there not to be a population...

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