The Party Messiah: Andrew Wilkes Krier Essay

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Andrew W.K. is a man with absolutely no doubts about the bright future of society. Throughout the past decade that his persona has been a household regular, Mr. Wilkes-Krier has amassed a fairly large following, within which people refer to him as the Party King, Party God, Party Savior, or simply by his real name, Andrew Fetterly Wilkes-Krier. He is an idol for many and an inspiration for more, people who look up to him for advice, release from their everyday lives, or simply when they want to party and party hard. Mr. W.K., although his life seemingly revolves only around partying, has done far more for society than most people can even begin to understand. As host of the television show Destroy Build Destroy, musician, motivational speaker, and so much more, Andrew Wilkes-Krier is a vitally prominent figure in the world. Through use of his fame to express his philosophies such as all-out positivity and kindness to people of every cultural niche, Andrew W.K. has been and always will be a major influence on society.
On May 9th, 1979, a legend was born. A white-clothing-wearing, hard-partying, motivational-speaking, music-making legend who would go on to change the world forever. As a child, Andrew W.K. was often in trouble for committing arson, baseball card forgery, mail fraud, and even was given a juvenile restraining order after writing a song about his high school crush (Andrew W.K.). Learning from these experiences, he has constantly been testing the boundaries of society in order to push people to their ultimate psychological goal of self-determination. Much of his philosophy is based on accepting the risks of a certain situation, even if that entails doing something illegal. Regarding substances such as drugs and alcohol, Wilkes-Krier once stated “you could have them if you want basically, and that goes for all the stuff. Some people don't like to eat meat; I'm not going to force anyone to have pepperoni pizza just 'cause I like it” (Andrew W.K.’s All Purpose Guide to Partying). Wilkes-Krier wants people to do as they desire, what pleases them. Regardless of his personal views on drug use or omnivorous tendencies or anything controversial, if those things are not qualities that other people want to have, then people should not be required by their peers to have them. As long as somebody likes to do something, nothing and nobody has the right to stand in his/her way of doing that .
It’s no secret that the music industry is riddled with inflated egos. Artists such as Lars Ulrich of Metallica, Axl Rose of Guns & Roses, Kanye West, etc. will blow off interviews, take the stage late, or just flat-out state that they’re better than everyone else (16 Stars With Texas-Sized Egos). These artists all have extensive histories in the music industry and have gained extreme amounts of infamy and, ultimately, money in the bank. But is it truly worth telling off loving fans just for some extra dough? Andrew W.K. says that it’s not. At a point in time...

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