The Savior Traitors: The White Rose Gang

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The Savior Traitors
Let’s think of this situation, suppose that a person live in a country that just got into war, but they found out that the war started because their country is trying to kill off a race of people. What would they do, would they stand there and do nothing? Would he or she try to fight your government in politics or physically? Or take down the government from the inside by influencing the people to see what was really going on? That last one my friend is what happened in Germany in 1942 during WWII with a little Gang, not a big or strong one. However some people that really knew what was going on in the war and in the camps. This group of people decided to call themselves, The White Rose Gang, and they will be known down through history as one of the bravest groups of Germans to oppose the Nazis.
The White Rose, one of the first groups to oppose the Nazis because they knew the truth. They were a band of mostly college students and some young adults that got out of the war. They were mostly led by their college professor to make a difference in Germany. They wanted to tell the people about the camps and what some of the young adults saw while they were in the war and what they did to the Jews. So when this group formed, they would tell people of their cause by passing out leaflets that told people the truth of the Nazis, but they did all of this in secret because if they were caught, they would be severely punished. So this Gang would have to do everything in secret but while getting the message out to everyone in Germany so that they might be able to take down the Nazis and Hitler.

The White Rose Gang was connected in a way to the Holocaust because they as a group tried to stop the madness that happened in the camps. Some of the members in the White Rose witnessed some of the horrors that happened to the Jew during the war time. So when they came home, they told some others about it and they thought it was absolutely terrible so they decided to make a group to oppress the Nazis. They used the information that they got from the former soldiers and used that to put in leaflets so that they can spill all the Nazis secrets on what was really going on in the war so they the German people would start an uprising and take down Hitler. That is why the White Rose Gang is connected, because the White Rose wanted to stop the Holocaust so there would not be any more death over there and that we people could live more peaceful together.

The White Rose had to have some people that founded it and some that were a big part in it for the Gang to work. First there was Hans Scholl who was one of the co-leaders of the White Rose, he was one of the soldiers that saw firsthand of the horrors that happened to some of the Jews when he was in the war. Then there was another co leader that was his sister, Sophie Scholl who was one of the key icons of the White Rose Gang, when people usually think of the Gang, they think of Sophie and her...

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