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Accarron was twenty-five, and tall, and fit. He wore pricey soft colored silk robes, and every finger had a shimmering ring of gold, gleaming with colored gemstones like diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. Accarron was a charismatic man, good looks and plenty of charm. Few women would look past his short and curly light brown hair, ravishing hazel eyes with thin arching brow. An enthusiastic adroit politician that knew more about the history, people, places, and things of Kelmoor Keep than most sages three times as old did. Accarron inherited more than just wealth, good looks, and artful tongue from his parents; he became the king's top magistrate, orator, advisor, and close respected friend. ...view middle of the document...

A cold chill ran down the magistrate's back, even though he could not see the general's bronze eyes he could feel a cold, inimical gaze on him. He listened closely for a dagger or something to leave its sheath, his hands shook and he tried to swallow, but his mouth was suddenly dry. He felt the warm breath on his neck and closed his eyes, and waited, waited for death, and hoped deep inside it would be a fast one. He finally took a breath when he heard the general walking to the other side of the room and slowly opened his eyes watching him pour himself a cup of wine.
Accarron abhor the general, everything thing about his was evil. He was tall, five inches talker then himself, and was always wearing that disheartening black leather armor with strange runes burned into the breastplate his shield. The man was in his early thirties very fit and muscular looking and short dark brown hair, bronze colored eyes, and dark bushy eyebrows. Accarron thought general Adal was callous, and always had a bitter, unsightly expression on his face.
"I will be using all the kingdoms assets," he grumbled. "Perhaps even you could toss on some armor and stand at my side," he said to the perfectionist. The mighty warrior glared into the seneschal's hazel eyes until he began to retreat, stepping back.

The King walked over, sat on his throne, tired, and worn down from many days of debate, arguing, and fighting on how to use the wealth of information they had. Letting out a long sigh, his blue-grey eyes looked to the general bullying Accarron. "Shall we get on with this, the sooner the better I say," the weary king poured himself a cup of wine. "Where are the rest, no one else coming general?"
"There is no reason for anyone...

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