Together We Can Feed The World

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The world’s demand for food will continue to increase every year increasing the demands for grains, soybean, meat and fish. We can feed the world collectively by planning and executing a plan that will benefit the world. There is enough food in the world to feed everyone, but a vast amount of children each year from malnourishment. Through research, one will be able to discover ways that we can feed the world. The main points of the essay is to learn the importance of food strategies, increases in food productivity, and the advancement in agriculture.
A strategy that will work is for people to stop wasting food. We should not waste food because that’s how America is losing money. Americans are throwing away billions of dollars each year. People need to make some changes in order to keep from wasting food. Most Americans waste more food than any other country because they are used to having enough food and tend to take it for granted. Some Americans and people from other countries don’t receive food and water daily.
Previous generations worked hard to provide us with the best things possible. Today our society destroys and wastes natural resources, the very thing that I believe are needed to sustain future generations. We need to ensure that all people farming are preserving the earth’s health and productivity. The resources that we have are needed for food production and is very important ensure that you get what you need to survive. There are hungry people in the world not because of the food is lacking, but because they are not receiving the necessary calories. The economy is based on letting the people that have money to eat well while some people have to eat the cheapest thing possible.
There is an international law that basically says that people are obligated to the right to food which achieves this human right across the world. In Africa, Asia and Latin-America there is maldistribution and limited accesses to food. The right to food does not state that governments have an obligation to hand out free food to everyone who wants it, or a right to be fed. People in other countries are...

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