Torture: Why It Should Stop Essay

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Torture: Why It Should Stop
Torture, the most extreme form of human violence, resulting in both physical and psychological consequences. A technique of interrogation that has been proven time and time again to not only be ineffective but also a waste of time. Studies have shown that not only does torture psychologically damage the mind of the victim, but also can hurt the inflictor. If there is proof that torture is useless, why do we still use it? Torture should not be used to get information out of prisoners because of the risk of false information, enemy resistance and utter uselessness.
Tortured prisoners give false information. One writer writes “Many survivors of torture report that they would have said anything to make the torture stop.” (Mayer, 2005; McCoy, 2006) Another says that “We had people who were willing to confess to anything if we would just stop” (Andersen). The NY times reports that in 2002, A Syrian born Canadian named Maher Arar was stopped in an airport and was interrogated. He was later sent to a prison where he was beaten, tortured and questioned for the next 10 months of his life. To stop the punishment, he “admitted” to getting training in Afghanistan! A country he had never even been to. It was later discovered that everything that he confessed to was false, and was just a lie to stop the torture. Not only did you destroy someone’s life, but you also wasted taxpayer’s money! Imagine the amount of money wasted on getting planes to that area of Afghanistan where that guy was “trained” at. Or the amount of money that was used to fund this prison! Confessions made during torture are unreliable and are usually just statements to stop the torture.
Another reason why torture is not effective is because future operations are more difficult: When word goes out that you torture those you capture, they are less likely to cooperate. This is because when you torture someone in a terrorist organization and word gets out, people close that that person will feel resentment towards that organization. This may cause people to want to get back at our government, using violent attacks like a bomb on an air plane. Also, People who would like to “leak” information about what they know, may feel scared to do so, because of what they think might happen to them. This is why torturing ANYONE is not effective. It complicates further operations and puts a strain on your relation. As one writer puts it “Winning the “hearts and minds” of communities around the world is a key objective in combating violence against civilians” (“Why Torture Makes Us less Safe”). However, that relationship doesn’t work when you torture civilians or people of interest because you think they know something! If people are tortured...

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