Turning Your Life Around Essay

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I have everything I could ever want or need, I am a very strong Christian, I am a wife and a mom of three children, I have an awesome job of being a doula, My husband manages a bank, my kids have wonderful schools to go to, we’ve never been in debt. It’s hard to believe given that I come from a long line of drug addicts and con artists. My parents had abused and neglected me. When I was ten years old I packed up my belongings in a small suitcase and ran away to the deep dark woods of Colorado. When I got to the woods I found an old abandoned cabin with two bedrooms, one bathroom, a small kitchen, a small living room and a little bathroom. The cabin was brown, it only had two windows in the entire cabin, and it was ancient and tiny. The cabin must have been fifty years old. The wood on the outside of the cabin had termite damage and splinters all over the place, but at that age I didn’t care. I just needed a place to live. I would eat whatever I could find that was edible, such as nonpoisonous berries, birds, fish, and certain kinds of leaves. I remember feeling so lonely in that cabin, but I had no other place to go besides the foster system. I felt that I was too old no one wants to adopt a ten year old. One day something happened that changed my life forever. I found two girls coming towards the cabin the older girl had blonde hair and green eyes, was bone skinny and was very dirty. She was carrying a little girl with black curly hair and blue eyes. She was dirty and bone skinny as well. The older girl’s name was Samantha, She was six years old. The younger girl’s name was Kate and she was one year old and she had Down syndrome. Both girls where covered in bruises. I said to Samantha “what are you doing here?” She replied “Are parents dropped us off to die. They hate us, they hurt us.” Tears started coming out of my eyes, I decided to help them and let them live with me.” I became their big sister because we came from similar family situations. There was nothing that could stand in between us. Yes we had are challenges but we used are brains to help us. We may not have ben book smart but there are many different kinds of smart. One time we had a bear attack but Samantha killed him with a spear. That she made. Whenever we grew out of our clothes I would use leaves and vines to make dresses. The scariest events that happen involve Kate. Such as the time she ran away, fell into a river and almost walked into a fire. At the time I didn’t know about God so there for I thought I had super powers. We lived in the woods for two years before we were discovered by a photographer. Once she found us she asked us question after question then she pulled at her business card to show us that she works for child services and that photographing is here hobby. She put us in her car and took us to child services. I was frightened; I didn’t want to be in the foster system. Most people don’t want to adopt twelve year olds and even worse since Kate and Samantha...

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