U.S. Sports Franchises And Its’ Struggle With Culture Acceptance

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Culture difference, stereotyping American sports and insurering space in a country’s market for a new sports franchise are just a few factors that prohibits U.S sports franchises abroad. And the effects of governent tariffs on imports to protect our industries from underpriced products and to promote job economy growth in times of hardship also impedes expansion.

U.S. Sports Franchises and Its’ struggle with Culture Acceptance
In this analisys we will try to understand the reason why American sport franchises, such as American Footbal, find it not only difficult to expand popularity in other countries, but, also to make sure it is a product that is tailored to each countries culture: And how import tariffs,although good for many industries, play a negative role in American Sport Franchises expansion. By observing America slow expansion into Europe we have seen several factors to be dealt with; each countries current sport stability and logistics(financially), societies current cultural habits with their current favorite sport, and placing tariffs on teams being imported and exported.

Finance and Logistics
NFL had close to 9 billion dollars in revenue for 2013 (Monte Burke, 2013), which makes you think it should be easy to expand to Europe. But, even now the teams in the Unisted States do not know their own future: that of the team or a individual player. Team players being traded around, teams having yearl caps, the cost of leasing and time scheduling of stadiums vs other types of sports all are but of a few factors that plague the NFL system. But, after almost a hundred years, the NFL has gotten everything somewhat undercontrol. To establish this system to another countries system that is already used to its own types of popular sports makes it almost impossible to stabilize.
“Why Pro Sports Franchises Succeed ... and Fail” by Glen Hodgson and Mario Lefebvre (2011) explain that the if the local markets are not capable to create a steady flow of revenue the cost of maintaining teams, maintanence of proper sport facilities and statdiums are usually pressured onto goverments. Society can benefit from this in many social economical ways, but only if the franchises are already popular with the locals.
Habits and Tariffs
Even if they were to create a new team in England the “it’s and American Sport” will always plague it. It will take more than a generation for it to become part of Englands’ social habit.
English sports fans are used to clubs with 100-plus-
year histories and...

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