Using Isolation Precaution To Prevent The Spread Of Disease

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Isolation precaution to prevent disease from spreading

An isolation precaution helps prevent the spread of infections by creating a barrier between people and germs. In a hospital setting, germs and microorganisms reside everywhere, whether those microorganisms are on door handles, computers, or even the floor. Each patient room should be clean and sanitized, with the disposal of any old linen or instruments. New equipment should be used for each patient to safeguard any possible transmission of infections. To ensure the prevention of infections spreading, standard precautions must be taken.
Standard precautions are mandatory to follow because its assumed that everyone is potentially affected and unless precautions are taken, the infection will spread.
In order for both the patient and the medical staff to be safe, it is important to use standard precaution. Standard precaution includes; hand hygiene, gloves, mask, eye protection, face shield, gown, and other miscellaneous guidelines. Hand hygiene plays the ultimate role in practicing standard precautions and preventing infections. “Employers must ensure that employees wash hands and any other skin with soap and water or flush mucous membranes with water as soon as feasible after contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials.” (OSHA). It is essential to wash hands before entering the room of the patient, after touching bodily fluids, blood, feces, urine, and contaminated items, despite having worn gloves. Although gloves are very reliable, they aren’t guaranteed to prevent the health care provider from being infected. So, once the gloves have been removed, it is essential to adequately wash your hands. In order to prevent cross contamination, it may be wise to perform hand hygiene between tasks and procedures. The second standard precaution is gloving, which reduces the risk of transmitting microorganisms. It is extremely crucial that hand washing occurs immediately after the gloves are removed. The third standard precaution is mask, eye protection and a face shield. Body fluids, blood, secretions, and excretions are dealt with on a daily basis. In order to protect the mucous membranes of our bodies, the health care provider must use the appropriate protection. Finally is exceptionally crucial to wear a gown. The gown should be fluid resistant, in case there was an incident of spill on the gown. Once the gown is removed, perform hand washing to prevent the spread of microorganisms.
Airborne Precautions, are spread through the respiratory system, “applied to patients who are known to or suspected to be infected agents, transmitted person-to-person by the airborne route; tuberculosis, measles, chickenpox, and disseminated herpes zoster”. (CDC) When a patient has any of these infections, the patient is to be placed in AIIR, which is a airborne infection isolation room. Here the air temperature should be monitored daily, with the door kept shut. The air inside these rooms has...

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