Raising Your Toddler Vegan Essay

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Nadja Wanamaker
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Raising your toddler vegan
There are many questions about how nutritious a vegan diet is for adults. The main concern revolves around the apparent lack of protein and vitamin B12. People are especially concerned when parents decide to feed their young children a vegan diet. Popular belief states that a vegan diet does not have enough nutrients to promote a healthy brain and body development. Academic resources suggest that vegan diets can be followed safely by children without any compromise of nutrition or growth but the parents need to understand the nutritional needs of children at different developmental stages. It is important to understand both sides in order to develop an educated and accurate opinion about what diet should be best for your child. In this paper I will cover information that will state that a vegan diet is safe and healthy for your young children.
On an article from the New York Times called “Death by Veganism”, author Nina Planck starts the article with a shocking story of a 6 month old infant who passed away from malnourishment. The parents had been only feeding the infant soy milk. Planck mentions that she also used to be vegan and once she became pregnant she considered veganism to be a choice for irresponsible parents. She mentions that a vegan diet lacks vitamin B12 which is only found in animal foods, the diet also lacks protein and calcium. Planck states that soy products inhibits growth and reduces protein absorption. The article does not refer to any empirical research to validate the author’s opinion. Planck explains her point of view in a very simplistic way which helps anyone to understand how a vegan diet is not healthy for an infant, toddler and even adults. The easy to read article makes it easier to persuade parents to agree with her opinion. The fact that Plank calls vegan parents irresponsible is something that will catch the attention of any parent. The author is trying to persuade readers with strong words and simple explanations but does not mention any research that has been done about the topic.
A Daily Mail article called “How a strict vegan diet made my children sick” is very eye catching. It tells stories of different people who were not successful with a non-traditional diet. The article does not only focus on vegan diet, so the tittle is misleading. Holly Paige is one of the people mentioned who only fed vegan and raw foods to her 2 children. This diet caused her daughters to be extremely underweight for their age and caused teeth decay. Once Paige introduced dairy and meet to her children, these health problems were gone. Another story mentioned is of Jessica Hatfield who was encouraged by a nutritionist to feed her 9 year old son only meets and salads but no carbohydrates. The child also had health issues. The article does not mention any research done about the topic and mentions that these parents who removed dairy from the diet did not replace calcium in their...

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