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On July 30th, 1818, a great novelist and poet would be born in Yorkshire of Northern England, into a family of six as the fifth child of Patrick and Maria Bronte. Emily Jane Bronte would be born on this day, and go on to write countless poems and stories and even write a novel that would go on to become an English literature classic for years to come. Emily had a passion to write stories ever since she was a child along with all of her sisters; but little did she or anybody around know that she would grow up to be considered one of the best authors of the era. Especially in Emily’s only novel, Wuthering Heights, her writing gives you a detailed look into her and see how she thought of the world and everything around her. Emily’s writing portrayed her thoughts and personality well, it shows her rather secluded, and reclusive nature to everyone reading her works. Throughout Emily’s life, she was rather cut off from the community around her; it is because of this Emily did not care for human interaction, but studied people’s actions around her. This is especially shown in her novel, Wuthering Heights, because it is about the destructive power that jealous and vengeance can have on an individual and even the community around them. Considering Emily rarely socialized among other individuals, she had an amazing understanding for other people and what goes on through their lives during difficult times. ‘
Emily was born the second youngest child into the Bronte’s family of six children: Ann, Emily, Charlotte, Branwell (the only male), Maria, and Elizabeth. Charlotte, Elizabeth, and Maria were sent off to a school at young age in latter 1821, shortly after the tragic loss of their mother, and remained there for several years. In 1824, at the age of six, Emily joined her sisters in school. However, they were all sent home shortly after Emily’s’ arrival due to a widespread sickness within the schools community. Charlotte and Maria both caught the sickness, but was not until later after their return home that it started to take toll on their bodies. Maria was sent home before the other sisters due to her health after catching the sickness, where she died. Charlotte, Emily, and Elizabeth were not sent home until 1825, where Charlotte was soon to die. Due to this issue the rest of the children remained home to be homeschooled for the remainder of their educational years. Being homeschooled offered the Bronte Children outstanding opportunities to hone their skills in literature, an activity favored by all the children. The children all would enjoy to sit together and right their own poems and imaginary stories within their own paracosms (imaginary worlds) inspired by everyday objects and activities in their daily lives. The stories written by each child was always unique and one of a kind, each coming from their own imaginations. The girls would each make contributions to one storyline at a time. The Bronte sisters’ most frequent wrote stories were all a part...

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1574 words - 6 pages influence on the children, especially Emily. The Bronte children’s mother was only the start of the many tragedies to come. This is mainly due to the conditions in Haworth. Frank N. Magill states that: The Bronte home was cold and damp, and the town suffered from the effects of open sewers and industrial pollution. Cholera and tuberculosis were common, and the average life expectancy in Haworth was only twenty-six years. (310) These

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1687 words - 7 pages Dayena Patel Dr. Greene English 150 4/11/2014 Irrational Love Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights and the importance of commitment in life Emily Bronte, a skilled novelist, is able to toy with the minds of her readers by forcing them to sympathize for an irrational love story in her one and only novel, Wuthering Heights. As readers, we are drawn to the love and passion possessed by Heathcliff and Catherine, even though it represents evil and

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1062 words - 5 pages People often go through the roughest times in life that is not imaginable and Charlotte Bronte was one person who went through a lot. Charlotte went through many crises. Her mother died when she was young, and she had to care for her younger siblings. Bronte could not go to school as a young child like everyone else; she had responsibilities. A few years later as she got older sisters died of tuberculosis, and she was left alone. Charlotte

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621 words - 3 pages Emily Jane Bronte is a world-renown author of the nineteenth century from Yorkshire, England. Bronte is best known for authoring the Wuthering Heights, which was published in 1847. Emily’s life, character, and principles are depicted in Bronte’s novel. Characters in Wuthering Heights are based on the similarity of the roles and names to significant people in Emily’s life. Many different elements in Emily Bronte’s early childhood and adult life

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1163 words - 5 pages Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights     Often in literature, the fictional written word mimics or mirrors the non-fictional actions of the time. These reflections may be social, historical, biographical, or a combination of these. Through setting, characters, and story line, an author can recreate in linear form on paper some of the abstract concepts and ideas from the world s/he is living in. In the case of Emily Bronte, her novel Wuthering

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1008 words - 4 pages and in control. Nelly first describes Heathcliff as a "dirty, ragged, black-hair child" who talks in "gibberish that nobody could understand" (Bronte 32). Emily has a hope for those of the lower class to one day be aristocratic. She also shows that having money does not necessarily mean one will be happy. Heathcliff has control of Wuthering Heights but he is with out his love Catherine and because of this is unhappy. Catherine does not marry

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1622 words - 7 pages . They did not know Emily had such a profound talent. Emily began to write with her sisters after that. That is when Emily decided she wanted to be able to write a book rather than a poems.Just that little decision gave her a start in a writing career. All she needed was just a little inspiration. To add on, Emily Bronte did not live long enough to write many novels. After her brother Patrick Branwell died of “consumption and drug abusein

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2461 words - 10 pages Emily Bronte and Wuthering Heights         Emily Bronte wrote only one novel in her life. Wuthering Heights written under her pen name, Ellis Bell, was published in 1847. Although, Wuthering Heights is said to be the most imaginative and poetic of all the Bronte's novels, Emily's book was not as popular as her older sister, Charlotte's, new release, Jane Eyre ("Bronte Sisters" 408). In looking at Bronte's writings, the major

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1073 words - 5 pages “The human heart has hidden treasures, in secret kept, in silence sealed; the thoughts, the hopes, the dreams, the pleasures, whose charms were broken if revealed.” Charlotte Bronte is one of the most famous Victorian women writers. She experimented with the poetic forms that became the characteristic modes of the Victorian period. Charlotte Bronte was the most dominant and ambitious of her siblings. Her novels, until this day, are still English

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2023 words - 8 pages Emily Bronte, on the surface, appeared to be a very withdrawn woman and is said to be reclusive throughout her entire life. She was even incredibly embarrassed when her sister, Charlotte Bronte, found her book of poetry, even though Charlotte was incredibly impressed by it. Beneath the surface lies a woman full of passion and capable of powerful emotions, though she had never felt such emotions, to write a novel that is still discussed today and

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1434 words - 6 pages novel Wuthering Heights. Dyeing at such a young age did not stop her from being remembered. Influences, Famous works, Quotes, Critical evaluation and her contributions all made her a stronger writer. She had many inspirations in her life from her mom to her brother and sisters, and she still continued to write. When you are determined to do something you have the mindset to do that goal. That is exactly what Emily Bronte did .She showed extreme bravery in her writing styles and honestly made sure her hard work paid off. You can not limit a person who does not want to be limited.

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1516 words - 7 pages . The whole family was reunited in 1845. Branwell Bronte who was working on a novel at the time told his sisters of the very profitable possibilities of writing and publishing a novel. In autumn of 1845 Charlotte Bronte uncovered some of Emily Bronte’s poetry and she was angered by her sisters’ encroachment into her private writings. Charlotte Bronte convinced her to coact on a book of poetry. A year later the book of poetry was entitled Poems by
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