Will Technology Overrule Books? Essay

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Technology and books have become competitors over the last decade. Technology keeps increasing in its abilities to entertain the human minds and books are starting to become less appealing. Society is accompanying new ideas, such as technology, and leaving behind the old ideas such as books. I believe books are losing their value as technology enhances and people are forgetting how important reading is, but our society is slowly but surely not going to let books become obsolete.
Technology is growing rapidly from tablets and laptops that act as portable desktop computers to phones that act as computers. Society is becoming more fancied by how much easier technology has become. Books are not advancing in a way that would seem easier or more appealing to the human eye. People want the next easiest gadget not the next best seller. Why, because books do the same thing, nothing. People have to put in more effort of reading because they have to think, long and her, and paint mental images. As stated in a passage written by Saul Bellow on technology and books, he portrays what people have to do when reading a book, “We found or made a mental and imaginative life” (15) . Reading forces individuals to ponder on any topic whereas computers do the pondering for them. As seen in many cases before letting someone or something think on ones behalf can lead to plagiarism. This situation can be avoided by letting someone read and get a taste of a topic to allow them to think on their own and draw their own idea or conclusion.
Reading is an essential part of life. It is the basis of everything else in life. Without reading people would not be able to order off of a menu or pick out the right prescription. Reading helps to branch off into other essential qualities needed. As stated by Bellow, “Because we could read, we learned also to write (Bellow 15), and writing is also an important mechanism. Reading also helps to enhance vocabulary and grammar, not only when writing but speaking. Seeing a grammatical sentence repetitively will help one catch on to the proper lingo. What people don't understand is that words are everywhere; therefore, people have to read all the time. People have to read signs, ads, directions and things of that nature everyday and people if cannot comprehend and read these things there could be, in some circumstances, chaos. For example if someone cannot read a driving book and understand the rules and regulations and that person gets their license they could cause harm to others because they could not read in the first place. Maybe someone...

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