Winters Tee's And More: Marketing Analysis And Research

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Winters Tee’s & More:
Marketing Research

Horace Winters

EXD 498 Small Enterprise Planning: Business Plan
Mr. Paavo Hanninen
March 10, 2014 

Winters Tee’s & More Marketing Analysis and Research


Winter’s Tees & More has been in the Chilton County area for around three years now. Our business allows customers to custom design shirts any way they would like. With the cutting edge technology we use, we offer our customers an easy experience for customizing their apparel from the image or graphic of their choice and the material and style that is comfortable to them. The ultimate form of expression to us is creativity and there are no limits to what our customers will be able to communicate. Some people may show their sportsmanship to a particular sports team or they may have a social message and specific cause to promote. Whatever they choose, we are willing to supply and print embroidery or screen printing (Entrepreneur).
Products and Services
Winters Tee’s & More will offer customers a variety of ways to create and design their own custom apparel. T-shirts will be the majority of our customer’s orders, however other styles of shirts and hats are also offered. With our screen printing machine, we will use printer sublimation technology that allows a high quality computer image to be applied to the fabric. Many other companies in the area allow minimum order but our printing cost will be effective enough to offer customers the ability to order just one unit. Finally, the customer may choose, supply their own image, choose an image from our library or have an artist to create an image for them.
Winters Tee’s & More is a custom t-shirt company that will offer customers a choice of imagery (ours or theirs) to apply to the front or back of a shirt.
Sublimation is a process using heat to transfer (embed) ink into a fabric surface such as a shirt. Silk screening is known as the alternative method to creating a custom shirt; a process in which a screen is made with an image and that image is transferred onto a shirt. Because of the high set up cost, silk-screening would not be cost effective for small production runs. Another disadvantage is that silk-screening only applies a thin layer of ink to the surface of the shirt that doesn’t allow the shirt to breathe. The sublimation process avoids the lack of breathability problem since the ink is not coating the fabric's surface, but rather, is embedded in the fabric. Recent technological advances have allowed sublimation to become cost effective in small production runs.
Chilton County is a county of the U.S. state of Alabama. The center population of Alabama is located in Chilton County, outside of the town of Jemison, an area known as Jemison Division. The county is known for its peaches and unique landscape. It is home to swamps, prairies, and mountains due to the foothills of the Appalachians which end in the county, the Coosa River basin, and...

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