Women And The Draft Essay

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Natalie Jacobson
Miss Hopkins
English 102
1 April 2014
Women and the Draft
Imagine a big war has suddenly broke out with America and another country. The military suddenly realizes that in order to better their army and be stronger, they need more people to join and fight along with them. The military decides their needs to be a draft. However, men are the only ones eligible to be apart of the draft. Should this be something that should be changed with the military? Should women also be apart of the draft?
Some people say that women should be in the draft because nowadays, men and women should be considered equal. With the advancement of equality in the American society, these people argue that the armed forces should not be excluded from the growing new reputation America is trying to get. Hence, those who support women being apart of the draft argue this point. According to “Update: Women in the Military”, women have become way more involved in the army (1). From this, supporters of women joining the draft argue that their involvement in the draft should also reflect on their increasing involvement in the army. However, those who are opposed women being apart of the draft argue that equality within men and women is an unrealistic mindset. This is proven in the New York Times with Catherine Rampell’s when she writes “Women earn 92.2 cents on the dollar of what men earn” (1). This is a statistic from 2011 that shows people that complete equality between men and women has still not fully been reached. Furthermore, those opposed women and the draft argue that if America has not completely reached full equality within the genders, then neither should the army. Both of these articles bring up good points about why women should either be in the draft or not in the draft.
Another reason why some believe women should be involved in the draft is because of the skills women are born with. For example, women are more “left brained” which means they connect to the logic side of their brain more than men can. According to Michael G. Conner, the Clinical and Medical Psychologist, there are more neurons that connect women to both sides of their brain as opposed to the amount of neurons men have (2).Analyzing this information, women are now capable of connecting to both sides of their brain more easily and that is an advantage they have over men. Multitasking is another great quality women have (Conner 2). Those who are for women being apart of the draft say that these skills can tremendously help the army because they are great skills for a soldier to have. Additionally, “Update: Women in the Military”, explains how there are women that are a better than men at shooting (3). This is a great example of women’s natural skills being brought to the army.
Although there are a lot of great qualities women have that show they would do great being apart of the army, there are also those small details that do not go along with the necessities women need...

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