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Women have always been treated inhumanely and disrespected from the beginning of time. Their rights are not of equal value as their male counterparts. Through the stories of these victims we get to see their suffering and how their inner strength was far stronger than their prosecutors.
Anisa Memari, an Iranian woman, was a victim of religious persecution. In Iran, the Baha’i religion is not accepted or protected under the Islamic constitution and the people of this religion are not given the same rights as those of the Islamic religion. Those of Baha’i are not entitled to the same employment and education, as was Memari’s case. Ever since the moment Memari began school she excelled in her studies, but never felt like she fit in. Her teacher once told her, “If you were a Muslim, you could go to university because your grades are very high. However, because you are a Baha’i you cannot.” Memari finished first in her class, but again, her religion impeded her from receiving her valedictorian award. “You can try and put as much effort into things you do but people won’t respect you because you aren’t the right faith,” Memari lamentably said. In 2000, Memari’s father was in a terrible car accident that left him paraplegic. The family went to the police to seek compensation, but because of their religion if they did end up going to court they would not be allowed a lawyer and their religion would inhibit the case to be won. At this point Memari’s family decided to leave Iran and flee to Turkey. The family had no other choice than to sell their business, their home, and possessions to pay for their father’s medical bills. Memari’s mother and sisters went by car, and she and her family went by plane. Through “checkout” they had a lot of trouble passing, they were always getting stopped. “We tried to leave Iran three times, but me and my dad kept getting questioned. The fourth time I just told them I wanted to study and ‘I can’t do that here, so just let us go’ and they let us leave.” Until they received an acceptance for their refugee status, Memari had to put aside her education for three years.
Finally, in 2002, after receiving their acceptance of refugee, the family was sent to Sydney Australia through The Refugee Council of Australia. Memari felt that high school in Sydney felt “more natural” because everybody accepted her and overlooked her religion. Again, Memari finished first in her class, the only difference, she was able to receive her valedictorian award. At the University of Sydney, Memari began her combined degree of Advanced Science and Law, but she preferred to choose a profession that allows her to make a difference. Memari was a woman of pure inner strength; she overtook those obstacles, which for many would have been very difficult to overcome.
Malala Yousafzai was yet another victim of millions of women that are not allowed to speak their minds around the world. But on October 9, 2012 her life took a different course. Yousafzai...

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