Wordsworth As A Romantic Poet Essay

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As a Romantic poet, William Wordsworth valued the ideals of nature, the imagination, individualism and idealism. Literary texts composed during this time were characterised by a search for meaning through representations of the individual's relationship with the natural world, and the power of the imagination to inform, illuminate and transform human experience. Individualism was expressed through new ideas that challenged previous ways of thinking. In his poems 'Tintern Abbey' and 'I Wander Lonely As A Cloud' Wordsworth conveys the ideals of the Romantics through effective use of poetic devices that exemplify a particular moment in time where he experiences a closeness with nature.Romanticism emerged at a time of increased urbanisation and industrialisation, which influenced idealism and the imagination of Wordsworth. During this period people sought the ideal through immersion in nature. In Tintern Abbey it was the natural landscape of the Wye Valley, while in 'I Wander Lonely As A Cloud' it was a lake shore lined with daffodils that took him to a meditation on aspects of his inner self compared to external forces - from the real to the ideal. In Tintern Abbey he draws on the seclusion of nature, which he describes as "deep and quiet" - offering him time for reflection and to look inward. It is nature's seclusion that enables him to provide stark contrast between the chaos of the city and the country, and move toward the realm of the ideal. In 'I Wander Lonely As A Cloud' Wordsworth emphasises the ability of nature's beauty to uplift the human spirit, stating "A poet could not but be gay / in such jocund company".Both are experiential poems which reflect the Romantic trait of individuality. Together they represent Wordsworth's personal response to the world around him and express his own unique deep feelings and emotions. This is obvious to the reader when almost everything in both poems is approached from the personal point of view, with frequent use of the first person pronoun - 'I'. While superficially 'Tintern Abbey' can be interpreted as a nature poem, in reality it is mainly an autobiographical account of Wordsworth's own spiritual growth and maturation. In the early Stanzas of 'I Wander Lonely As A Cloud' Wordsworth brilliantly instills in the reader the feelings he is experiencing through the use of reverse personification. The speaker is metaphorically compared to a natural object, a cloud - "I...

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