Writing Techniques Of George Orwell Essay

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Writing Techniques of George Orwell

I think the use of words such as ‘it’, ‘thing’, ‘something’, ‘some
kind’ are used in a way to install fear of the unknown the words shape
Winston’s thoughts letting fear wind its way through the tendrils of
his thoughts. You don’t know what it is, it may be so frightening you
will die of shock, the trouble is you simply don’t know and lack of
knowledge can be a very scary thing, if you know what something is
then you have the possibility of confronting it and finding it not so
bad at all.

O’Brian manipulated and brainwashed Winston so well that it was
impossible for him to keep to his original beliefs and die for his
cause. The power and torture was too much for him to handle.

Orwell uses short sentences and unnecessary detail to delay the action
and slow it down to create suspense, here are two examples

‘It seemed to reach Winston from far away. The rats were fighting;
they were trying to get at each other through the partition. He heard
also a deep groan of despair. That, too, seemed to come from outside

Here Orwell’s short sentences bring home Winston’s fear utter despair
in thinking he knew what would be happening to him

'I have pressed the first lever,' said O'Brien. 'You understand the
construction of this cage. The mask will fit over your head, leaving
no exit. When I press this other lever, the door of the cage will
slide up. These starving brutes will shoot out of it like bullets.
Have you ever seen a rat leap through the air? They will leap on to
your face and bore straight into it. Sometimes they attack the eyes
first. Sometimes they burrow through the cheeks and devour the

Here Orwell is creating suspense and fear with the short sentences
almost making you hold your breathe between sentences, worrying what
comes next.

O’Brian repeats ‘the worse thing in the world’ several times to
Winston trying to imprint it into his brain brainwashing him into
believing the worst, it is almost like psychological warfare, he is
making Winston his own worst enemy, he knows he can bring Winston to
breaking point where self-preservation overrides any sort of conscious

The paragraph starting “he moved a little…” works towards the climax
in a way by sounding sinister the way O’Brian moves a little just to
let Winston see what was on the table, it was studied cruelty knowing
what he did about Winston’s greatest fear, the reader knows after this
paragraph just what will be the outcome if Winston doesn’t acquiesce
to O’Brian’s demands or questionings. With the short sentence
structure you can feel the anxiety building up inside you as you read,
you know this thing is going to be an instrument of terror and torture
to Winston, you can almost feel it in your bones, and with the last
sentence “They were rats” the reader can almost identify with
Winston’s fear of rats since I don’t know many people who would think
“ahhh how cute”...

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