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From a young age, we are taught that babies are born when one man and one woman fall in love. The details remain unknown, but two souls come together to create a child who they will love and raise together for the next eighteen years of their lives. Our sexual education, obviously, advances into finer details as we grow up and we realize that sexual interactions between one female and one male where the male’s sperm fertilizes the female’s egg creates pregnancies which lead to the birth of a child. High school sexual education focuses on protection and abstinence rather than your options for when a mistake does occur. Never was I ever told that I would need to “cough-up” up to seventeen-hundred dollars if I needed an abortion or that ultrasounds can be required before terminating a pregnancy. Instead, we’re told by the law-makers and big advocates who have a lot of money which causes decisions to land in their favor that it is morally wrong to do what I want with my body.

Abortions are a controversial topic in America. There are two main spectrums that are used to look at abortions. Many liberals are considered pro-choice as they believe a woman can choose to terminate their pregnancy. However, many conservative people are pro-life and believe if an egg is fertilized, it was meant to be fertilized and that terminating the pregnancy is equivalent to murdering a human being. A few people are in-between and shed light on allowing abortions for extreme circumstances, like rape, but do not believe in abortions for just a simple mistake, like unprotected sex or failed birth control. Growing up in a very liberal state and from a family that lives, sleeps and breaths CNN and MSNBC, I consider myself pro-choice in every possible situation. Not only am I pro-choice because of my family’s beliefs, but from knowing that having a child at such a young age would entrap me in the continuous cycle of poverty. Growing up surrounded by poor people made me want to never have a single financial struggle in my life or pass my own struggles onto the next generation of possible Searles’s.

Medically correct, morally wrong; the general stigma of many controversial topics in America. Abortions have been sanctioned regularly after the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973 that states “ that a constitutional right of privacy exists that protects a woman’s right to terminate an unplanned pregnancy” (Medoff). Abortions are a safe, useful advancement in medical technology and should be readily available for anyone who needs one. In my opinion, teenagers should especially be aware of the availability of clinics because today’s teens have endless opportunities that could be ripped out of their reach if they are forced to have a child that is unwanted. “Teen pregnancy is associated with adverse educational, health, and economic outcomes for both mothers and children“ (Basch). Having a child at a young age, especially if it isn’t planned, will lessen the educational and...

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